Made in small batches. Simple ingredients.

Tradition born in Germany, made in Los Angeles, CA.

Bread making at home made easy & foolproof for every level of baker.
Unique bread mixes for artisan loaves and rolls from the German bread culture.

"We ease everyone’s way into artisanal bread making at home!"

Tanja, a native German & Founder of BREADISTA

Our goal is simple, showing that real bread is not evil when you choose it right. Let’s bring traditions back into your kitchen with simple ingredients for improved health. Skip the store-bought products with additives and preservatives you can’t pronounce immediately. Skip high amounts of yeast and sugars, color, dough enhancer and conditioner that profits the industry not your body. By the way, did you know that a longer fermentation eases the digestability of bread? That’s how we develop recipes, with minimal amount of yeast and a long resting time. We let the dough work it’s magic with up to 24 hours of fermentation while your hands-on time is minimal.

Every single bread baking mix brings you on more than one baking journey through the century-old German bread culture. Make out of a rustic baguette ‘Wurzelbrot’ a pizza crust or a classic loaf. Our ready-to-use artisan bread mixes make your baking a full success. And, they’re way more healthier and tastier than a store-bought product.