About us

We're two friends from Germany that both decided at one point in their lives to emigrate to the USA and give it a shot. While we both fell in love not only with this beautiful and exciting country, we also got to know a lot of great people that helped make us feel right at home.

However, while you can get the two of us out of Germany, you will never fully get Germany out of us. We realized that there are a few things that we've been missing and that we are unable to get here. Whether it was chocolate we grew up with when we were little kids or breakfast jam that brings back memories from our childhood.

While there are ways to have friends and family send us packages with things we crave or need or even shop directly in Germany at a premium price to have everything shipped here, we decided there must be a better and easier way - not just for German expats, but also to introduce high quality and deliciously tasting food to everyone else in this country.

Thus we founded One Stop German Shop, to bring everything we love and grew up with right to your home to enjoy as well.

Our mission going forward will be to expand our range of products that we offer to you and to do so at a fair price. While we're fully aware that we won't ever be able to compete with stores in Germany, we do think a fair price is possible.

We hope you'll enjoy a little bit of Germany as much as we do and find everything you're looking for in our store. And if you don't, drop us an email and we'll try to get it for you.