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Devely Sweet Munich Mustard

Devely Sweet Munich Mustard

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Devely Sweet Munich Mustard is a delicious condiment that adds a unique flavor to any dish. It is made with a blend of spices and mustard seeds, giving it a sweet and tangy taste. This mustard is perfect for adding a kick to sandwiches, burgers, and more.

Devely Sweet Munich Mustard is a great way to add flavor to your favorite dishes. Try it today and experience the unique taste of Munich mustard!

Nutritional Information (per 100ml)
Energy 1131kJ (269kcal)
Fat 7.7g
of which saturated fatty acids 1.1g
Carbohydrates 38.8g
of which Sugar 38.7g
Protein 7.3g

Nutritional information

per 100ml

Energy1131kJ (269kcal)
of which saturated1.1g
of which sugar38.7g


Drinking water, brown sugar, mustard seeds, brandy vinegar, caramel sugar syrup, spices. No added dyes or preservatives.

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Customer Reviews

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Charles C.

Excellent product

Robert M.

Love this little shop. I spend two weeks in Hamburg every year for work and come accustomed to some of the food and condiments. Nice to know I can get them here in America